Fiskars Knives

The brief from Fiskars was to produce a range of knives which would be perceived as a contemporary offering, but still provide visual links to high quality traditional brands.

After a period of research a decision was made to include a riveted handle in the design. Consumers had a strong association with this feature and quality. The project entered a conceptual stage with design ideas quickly progressing to photo-rendered images so that we could convey the quality of materials used on the products. As the project progressed we extensively used prototypes to assess the ergonomics of the product and refine the handle shape accordingly. 3D CAD data was used to assess the centre of gravity of the knives to ensure the weighting would feel balanced in the hand.

As part of a full development programme, FSW produced full marketing material to support the product launch. This included an animated promotional video created from the 3D CAD data and a digital media presentation.