FSW have expertise not only in designing a product, but also in helping to develop the packaging solution. Often this work is seamlessly integrated into the design development process. The packaging is conceived in parallel with the product so that considerations for how the product will be displayed can be accounted for in the product design. A good example of this can be seen in a contemporary watering can project in which a simple euro hanger was integrated into the moulded body of the can negating the need for any further packaging to hang the product in store.

We are particularly specialised in assisting with packaging requiring a moulded outcome. Recent projects have included creating plastic moulded cases to house garden secateurs. The casings provide a safety cover, but still allow the user to assess the operation of the product.

Our accumulated knowledge of moulding techniques and materials enables us to design cost effective solutions to your packaging needs, whilst always keeping in mind material use and environmental impact.