Services : Photo Renderings

FSW produce photo-realistic images and animations that are seamlessly integrated into a range of media applications. 3D CAD models can be created from scratch, or alternatively existing manufacturing data can be used for photo realisitic animations.

Products developed by FSW follow a design and development cycle before the product is marketed. During this process 3D data is created for component production. Marketing requirements are assessed in parallel, allowing promotional activity to begin earlier in the development cycle. This has obvious benefits, the visualisation is accurate in every detail and is extremely cost effective and time efficient to produce.

Animating manufacturing data can be beneficial in the following ways:

- Remove errors in visualisation, manufacturing data is 100% true to the product.
- Achieve camera angles and special effects that are either costly or not achievable with conventional photography.
- Reduce re-modelling costs.
- Products can easily be shown in a range of colours and finishes that would be costly with conventional model making and photography.